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Dedicated Seminole Family Lawyers Help Clients Overcome Challenges

Oklahoma attorneys assist with matrimonial and parenting matters

As a family-run practice operating since 1980, The Pyron Law Firm PLLC understands the unique challenges that accompany family law issues. Whether you’re going through a divorce or anticipating the joy of adoption, we provide comprehensive legal support throughout Oklahoma. From our office in Seminole, our experienced attorneys assist with a wide range of domestic issues, including custody disputes, child support matters and juvenile delinquency proceedings. No matter what your particular concern might be, we vigorously assert the legal rights of our clients and their children. We work diligently to achieve a favorable outcome without ever forgetting the emotions that are involved.

Effective litigators protect the rights of spouses during divorce proceedings

Divorce can be one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life. However, strong legal guidance helps you safeguard your rights and start a new chapter on a positive note. We assist spouses with every aspect of Oklahoma divorce, including:

  • Grounds — State law allows spouses to obtain a no-fault divorce based on incompatibility. Traditional fault grounds, such as adultery and abandonment, also remain in effect.
  • Alimony — Courts can order alimony, or spousal support, payments on a temporary basis while the divorce is pending (maintenance) and for the period after the marriage ends. Judges have wide latitude in determining alimony, and their decisions are based on a variety of factors, including each party’s earning ability and the duration of the marriage. Our attorneys help clients establish equitable terms in these matters.
  • Property division — When parties cannot agree on a division of assets and debts, courts divide marital property based on the theory of equitable distribution. In other words, a judge decides what he or she thinks is fair, although it might not be an even split. We build a strong argument for clients so they have the best chance at a fair result.
  • Mediation — Resolving issues through mediation usually reduces the time, expense and stress associated with marriage dissolution. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who can reach a favorable agreement while keeping control in the hands of the spouses rather than the court.

In a free initial consultation, we take the time to learn about your unique circumstances and provide an overview of your options.

Established firm handles child custody and support disputes

When minor children are part of a divorce, parents and courts are obligated to seek a resolution that serves the children’s best interests. Our attorneys protect your parental right to raise your sons and daughters in an appropriate and supportive home. When one parent has residential custody, we help to establish fair visitation arrangements and take prompt action to enforce orders if a dispute occurs. We also advise clients on child support issues. Whether you are the paying or receiving parent, we can press for financial support terms that accurately reflect each parent’s income and other relevant costs. Our firm also aggressively pursues fair outcomes when child support orders need to be enforced or modified.

Knowledgeable advisers guide families through the adoption process

Adding a child to your family is an exciting and wonderful prospect, but the legal requirements can frustrate even the most committed adopters. Our firm handles the documentation and procedural issues so that you can concentrate on welcoming your new son or daughter into your family. Whether you’re considering a domestic or international adoption, we outline the rules set forth by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and other jurisdictions.

Strong advocates defend youths in juvenile delinquency actions

Our firm helps parents maintain their legal authority in cases where their children have been accused of illegal activity. The Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs focuses on rehabilitating young offenders and replacing incarceration whenever possible with probation, diversion or community service. We understand the legal framework and take a personal approach to each of these cases so that juveniles are given the best chance to move beyond their troubles.

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The Pyron Law Firm PLLC represents Oklahoma clients in divorces and other family law matters. Please call 405-303-9654 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office in Seminole.

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